Sip into Spring: Jag's has a New Cocktail Menu

Posted on: April 16, 2019
New Cocktails apart of Jag's new Drink Menu


Just in time for patio season, we're introducing a new cocktail menu that will elevate your next night out at Jag's:


Our twists on classic aperitifs will add some color and liveliness to the season — with each option bringing a spirited uniqueness to compliment your dinner, banquet, or weekend with our live bands.  

The new cocktail menu was heavily inspired by Food and Beverage Director Marzina Robinson's knack for creativity and attention to detail. Her talents are on full display below, with each drink featuring fresh ingredients, several of which are made in-house including the bitters and tinctures mixed with a number of beverages. These small additions make a world of difference and make this a drink menu that's truly Jag's. 

"I loved being part of creating this menu," Robinson said. "I’ve been seeing the craft cocktail renaissance grow elsewhere and wanted to introduce new ideas happening in the cocktail scene to West Chester diners. We're excited to introduce this diverse, delicious, and approachable lineup of craft cocktails and hope Jag's diners share that excitement."   


Ladybird, a drink on the Jag's new cocktail menu


Tito's Vodka, Lavender, Fresh Grapefruit, Rosemary

The first two drinks on the new menu may be familiar to those who visited Jag's during Spring Restaurant Week. The Ladybird is an approachable cocktail that embodies the arrival of spring and summer. Its infused lavender and rosemary undertones, splash of fresh grapefruit, and rosemary garnish makes this item an aromatic delight. 

5980 Old Fashioned, a drink on Jag's new cocktail menu

5980 Old Fashioned

Larceny Bourbon, Brown Sugar, Luxardo Cherry, House-Made Orange Bitters, Angostura Bitters

The 5980 Old Fashioned is a twist on a classic favorite. It comes with two of the finest Italian Luxardo Cherries. The 5980 Old Fashioned gets its traditional flavor by muddling brown sugar syrup with Orange and Angostura Bitters made in-house, bringing out caramel notes in the bourbon. 

Blushing Giggle Water, a drink on Jag's new cocktail menu

Blushing Giggle Water

Choice of Moscato d'Asti or Chandon Brut, Lillet Rouge, Strawberries

Did you know 'Giggle Water' was a term patrons used to order alcohol during the prohibition years, and that what we now know as 'Sparkling Water' traces its linguistic origins back to this era. Take a trip to the past with this light, 'blushing' drink that gets its reddish tones from the Rose French aperitif and strawberry accents. This selection can be ordered sweet (made with Moscato d'Asti) or Dry (Chandon Brut). 

Agave ad Spice, a drink on Jag's new cocktail menu

Agave and Spice

Milagro Reposado Tequila, Agave, Pineapple Juice, House Made Orange Bitters, Habanero Tincture

Tequila lovers won't find another fusion of sweet, spicy, and citrus like this. The perfect ratio of Agave sweetener, house-made orange bitters and habanero-infused tincture provide a smooth finish with an aromatic citrus element that tingles in the back of the throat. Additionally, our Habanero Tincture brings a twist to old recipes with the benefit of new technology. Typically soaked for weeks in an herbal mixture to reach the optimal flavor, we use a rapid infusion technique with an iSi whipper to bring the same quality to your glass in about an hour!

Agrodolce, a drink on Jag's new cocktail menu


Aperol, Sparkling French Rose, Peach Tincture, Lemon Twist

Translating in Italian to 'bitter-sweet' or 'sweet and sour,' Agrodolce combines the flavors of sparkling rose with sweet aperol for a cocktail fit for the warm summer months. Peach Tincture, rapid-infused in-house, carries delightful aromatics to your nose, while a hint of fresh lemon brings a dose of acidity that brings the whole concoction to life. Its rosy coloring and lemon garnish will make for perfect summer photos by the fireplace on our patio. 


The Cherry Tree, cocktail on Jag's new drink menu

The Cherry Tree

Tito's Vodka, Luxardo Cherry Syrup, Lime Juice, Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Our version of a Moscow Mule will impress with a synthesis of three varieties of wild ginger. Balanced with the sweetness of Luxardo Cherry Syrup and livened with unmistakable lime juice and Fever-Tree premium ginger beer, you'll soon be telling all your friends to try this Jag's-exclusive cocktail. 

Spring Bouquet, a drink on Jag's new cocktail menu

Spring Bouquet

Watershed Guild Gin, Pavan, Crème de Violette, Lavender, Lemon 

Sip into spring and catch this bouquet! This gin-based beverage may remind you of floral sweet and sour candies. The violet tones radiate from the Crème de Violette, lavender simple syrup, and Pavon French liquor. Floral and sweet notes are balanced by a touch of orange blossom and Lemon garnish to build acidity for a perfect sweet and sour experience. 

New cocktail menu items at Jag's

Barrel Aged Black Walnut Manhattan

Old Forester Bourbon, Watershed Nocino, House-Made Cherry Bitters

Last but certainly not least, enter the Manhattan. Made with Nocino, a rare black walnut liqueur from Watershed Distillery in Columbus, OH, this classic includes two dashes of house-made bitters and a splash of Old Forester Bourbon. The Nocino, aged-in-house and added in place of traditional vermouth, adds a particular spice to the Manhattan we know you'll enjoy. 


You don't have to wait to try any of these special cocktails that are here to stay! Try an old favorite or venture into something new, knowing it's made with care and precision from our expert team of mixologists. This new menu is now available any night of the week on our regular drink menu. Make your reservations today!

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