One Year with COVID-19: Why We're Thankful

Posted on: March 15, 2021
Jag's Steak & Seafood hostess waits by phone

Many of us in the dining industry accept certain challenges as part of our regular order of business. Nothing, however, could have prepared us for a full calendar year of life during a global pandemic.

One year ago, COVID-19 was only just beginning to spread into Ohio. Many businesses were scrambling to establish physical distancing and other precautions at a time when very little was known about COVID-19, and there were few clues to how such a virus would impact our community, much less how long it would be with us.

On March 15, 2020, a day when only 36 of what could be nearly 1 million total coronavirus cases were confirmed in the state, the Ohio Department of Health ordered the closure of all restaurants and bars for in-house patrons. Foremost, a global pandemic reaching our backyard brought a collective sense of uncertainty and stress about the health of our loved ones and community. The importance of family, friendship and service became evidently clear.

"The most challenging part was the fear and lack of control over life during the pandemic." - Monica (Server)


Jag's kitchen team member preps meal

The sudden halt and lingering slowdown of indoor dining also had a profound impact on each individual within the Jag's family. In addition to worries about protecting themselves, guests and family members from the coronavirus, family gatherings were cancelled, budgets were tightened, social events were postponed, schools sent students home, and post-secondary studies were completely disrupted.

That we, and thankfully many other independent restaurants in our region, are here to tell the story is nothing short of extraordinary. 

How did we get to today, exactly one year after restaurants and bars were shut down? It's simple - our guests and team members. 

Seeing our guests support us through the pandemic was a very rewarding experience." - Sydney (Hostess)

Jag's kitchen team two chefs prepare meal
  • Our guests, for believing in our mission and supporting an entirely new Jag's experience. Your adoption of new online and Curbside-to-Go offerings was never guaranteed, and we appreciate every single order that helped us continue to this point.
  • Our team members, for never relenting on your commitment to excellence and sharing your talents with us. In the face of extreme personal and professional adversity, your light shined the brightest. Thank you for the flexibility and creativity it took to navigate the year.

No matter what the world throws at us,
we can handle it." - Adam (Kitchen)


"I learned that a few good people could come together and successfully create a lot of positivity during a very dark time." - Natalie (Private Dining Coordinator)

Jag's steak team member taking curbside order

For each day new cases are counted, similar challenges will remain until we fully return to a sense of normalcy. Our thoughts are with those who continue to feel loneliness and loss during this time. "Normal" may not mean back to the way things were previously, but we sincerely hope you find healing and continue your sense of optimism.

At Jag's, we look forward to full dining rooms and seasons filled with events, new menus and entertainment. But don't just take it from us, hear what our team members say!

"Seeing all of our guests and co-workers again in full capacity is something I really look forward to." - Robert (Kitchen)

I am hopeful that everyone can move forward with greater compassion and consideration for others." - Monica (Server)

"You are not powerless." Debbie (Service Bartender)

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